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Personal Property and Estate Sales

AMG has the experience and the know-how to convert your valuable personal property to cash and, do it very efficiently. Whether your property or estate sale goods are best suited for an on-site auction, on-line auction, off site auction  or a world wide event, we will advise you of the most appropriate sale method based on the type of goods you have and, your individual needs. We have relationships with asset marketing specialist from coins to 'copters to insure that your assets reach the most profitable and appropriate marketplace. From a managed estate sale on site to an internationally simulcast  auction, you can be confident that your estate will be marketed professionally and, for the highest possible return. We help families resolve estates!

Licensed and bonded throughout southern New England, call AMG at 508 842-1900 with any questions about estate sales.  We are members in the National Auctioneers Association and the Massachusetts State Auctioneers Association. Auction Marketing Group is an approved vendor with various Federal agencies and has performed services for FDIC, HUD, and many other state, local, and national institutions.

Our Philosophy: To utilize our personal and professional marketing skills to attract the best buyers to every sale.

To do this, we create a marketing strategy formulated to efficiently expose the real estate or personal property to as many potential and informed buyers as possible. Our service is personalized, professional, and very competitive.

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